Mercedes-Benz entered the era of electromobility in the country: this will be the first electric bus chassis

It is designed to meet the growing demand for sustainable urban transport, combining efficiency and safety. Details of the presentation.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Buses is back in the news Argentine passenger transport by presenting the eO500U chassisdesigned to meet the growing demand for sustainable urban transport, combining efficiency and safety. The German company aims to lead the transformation towards sustainability and address the challenges of tomorrow through vision “zero emissions” with electric vehicles.

At the headquarters of the Mercedes-Benz Training Center located in Tortuguitas A presentation event was held with the presence of Secretary of Transportation of the Nation, Dr. Franco Mogettawho commented.

“We celebrate and value the announcement made by Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Busesfor us it is very important. We are going to support them and overcome all kinds of obstacles and excessive regulations so that the sector can develop in the best way. It is quite a challenge, but we are already working on it, considering this type of vehicle so that the regulations allow the use of these electric cars that the company is promoting. And we are going to support the automotive sector, as we are doing with credit lines from the National Bank and with the clarification of rates, so that entrepreneurs can have greater autonomy and invest in the sector.”

Mercedes-Benz presents the first electric bus chassis

Developed comprehensively by the team of engineered in Brazil and subjected to rigorous testing in Germanyhe eO500U chassis benefits from the trajectory of Daimler Buses in the manufacture of electric buses. It aligns with transport decarbonisation initiatives, representing a significant step forward in the brand’s product portfolio.

img_1.O500U rear electric chassis shot.jpg

Rear electric chassis intake.

Rear electric chassis intake.

Sebastian Gysin, Director of Sales and Marketing for Mercedes-Benz Buses, He underlines the importance of this development: “The electric bus chassis marks a milestone, it is the beginning of a transformation towards a zero-emission vision. We are focusing all our efforts on developing mobility with electrical propulsion to meet the challenges of tomorrow.”

He eO500U chassis featured in Argentina It has five battery modules that provide a autonomy of 250 kilometers, meeting all urban transport needs in the country. The battery charging system is plug-in, the full charge time is three hours and it uses the same technological standard as the Mercedes-Benz eCitaro electric buses in Europe.

Equipped with Two electric motors integrated into the rear axle, EBS electronic brake and an energy regeneration system which operates even during partial recharging 1 of the batteries while the vehicle is moving.

It has a gross vehicle weight of 21.2 tonnes and the ability to be fitted with bodies up to 13.2 metres in length.

Source: Ambito

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