Expectant markets for the closing of the agreement with the Fund and possible announcements by Alberto Fernández

Expectant markets for the closing of the agreement with the Fund and possible announcements by Alberto Fernández

Specifically, they explain in the block of deputies of the Front of All, progress will be communicated and it will be highlighted that no adjustment was committed. “The level of detail of the goals will depend on how the last minute conversations go,” they point out in the same line.

“We know that it could be the most important opening of sessions of the entire mandate”, they explained from Casa Rosada to Ámbito. The central idea is to reflect a path of growth that is beginning to be traveled. On this point, Fernández will emphasize that the economy exceeds not only pandemic levels, but also the records for 2019. “It will be an agenda for the future, centered on national production and Argentine work,” summarized one of the officials who make up Ámbito’s economic cabinet.

The President will also seek to consider the improvement in the Science and Technology budget, which will also be guaranteed within the agreement with the IMF. Public works, which has been pushing the construction sector, will be another management pillar to be highlighted. “We can show efficiency and transparency,” said one of the president’s collaborators to this medium.

Refering to legislative calendar, The ruling party wants to give impetus to the projects that were going to be discussed in the extraordinary sessions, but that ultimately did not take place. It is a series of initiatives aimed at promoting the income of dollars: the electromobility regime, the automotive law, the regulatory framework for industrial cannabis and the extension of money laundering to construction, among others.

The president will also mention his concern about escalating inflation, taking into account that it is one of the main problems faced by wage earners. He will insist again that, as the IMF recognized, it is a multi-causal problem that must be tackled on different fronts. With the more than probable rise in international food prices, the Executive is expected to speed up mechanisms to partially decouple these effects.

The speech was prepared throughout the month of February and had to take a narrative turn due to the escalation of the war between Russia and Ukraine. In any case, Alberto Fernández will seek to highlight that there are a series of reforms that are already underway and others that must be carried out. He will highlight the boost to exports and the growth of foreign direct investment.

Source: Ambito

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