Today a new industry is born in the country

Today a new industry is born in the country

In this sense, the Minister of Productive Development maintained that, when this regulatory framework becomes law, “a new industry is born in Argentina” because now the country has a “national hemp and medical cannabis industry.”

“I thank the deputies for turning into law one of the productive projects that we promote from @produccion_arg”said the minister through the social network Twitter.


In addition, Kulfas highlighted that the new law “creates the Federal Council for the Development of the Hemp Industry and Medicinal Cannabis, which will be made up of a representative from the Nation, one from each province and one from CABA, who will fulfill their functions on an honorary basis.

For its part, the Argentine Cannabis Confederation welcomed the “historic decision” of the regulation, which puts the country “a step forward in the role of the cannabis industry” in Latin America and the world.

In a statement signed by its head, Leandro Ayala, the Confederation, under the title of “A historic event” greets and congratulates “the deputies who, with the historic decision, achieved the regulation of the Cannabis and Hemp production chain to put our Nation one step ahead in the role of the cannabis industry in Latin America and around the world”.

“Argentina has advanced in recent years with debates on the regulation of cannabis and that is consolidated today with this law. From the Cannabis Confederation we have been promoting favorable legal frameworks for the development of the activity and that is why we celebrate having from now on a legal framework for the development of our industry with special attention to SMEs, and thus, in this way, generate employment for our society and investments for Argentina”adds the statement.

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