how to do it step by step

how to do it step by step

The organism that drives Carlos Castagneto reported that, in order to know if a recategorization is appropriate, the activity of the last 12 months must be taken into account with respect to billing or any of the other parameters used for classifying such as the area affected, rents accrued annually or energy consumption electrical.


“When the different parameters analyzed exceed or are lower than those of the current category, the recategorization must be carried out. The amount corresponding to the new category will be paid the month following the recategorization,” they explained.

In the case of monotributistas who maintain the same category “they should not take any action.” The same occurs in those cases in which less than 6 months have elapsed since registration.

Monotribute: categories

In a communication released this Thursday, AFIP reported the billing caps by category to be taken into account by taxpayers:

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How to carry out the recategorization of Monotax

In the event that it is appropriate to carry out the recategorization, they must enter the AFIP site with the CUIT/CUIL/CDI number Y Fiscal key.

Next, they must select the “Recategorize me” option and the system will automatically inform the current category of the taxpayer and the limits of each parameter of that category.


By selecting the “Continue recategorization” option, they must enter information corresponding to the amount invoiced in the last 12 months. With these data, the system determines the new corresponding category, which must be confirmed using the “Confirm category” option.

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