ANSES warned about the importance of approving the Pension Debt Payment Plan

ANSES warned about the importance of approving the Pension Debt Payment Plan

In this regard, he said that the law enables ANSES to have an instrument so that people who reach retirement age, but do not have the necessary contributions, can access a payment plan to settle the debt of years of contributions to the State.

How many people will be able to retire?

“In December we were waiting to discuss this Payment plan that will allow more than 800,000 people in Argentina they can retire and the opposition deputies did not give us that possibility,” he said in statements to Radio 10.

And he added that, “in the next sessions, we need this new law to be approved because, today, only one in ten has 30 years of contributions and has the required age.”

In this sense, he questioned the role of the opposition MPswho decided not to give a quorum to discuss the law, which “leaves thousands of Argentines and Argentines without distinctions, sympathies or political ideologies very exposed.”

“We hope that the deputies and the deputies do their job and come down to session,” he remarked Ravertawhen specifying that the opposition has no excuses for not dealing with the law, since, “in the budget that they have already approved, it is contemplated that Argentine men and women retire.”

Retirements: this is provided by the Budget

Likewise, it is worth mentioning in this regard that the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massaassured weeks ago that the Budget has a budget allocation to “retire almost 700,000 people this year”, but that, if progress is not made in the treatment of the project, there would be a huge majority that does not have 30 years of contributions to do it.

Besides, differentiated this program from past moratoriumssince it clarified that, in this case, “it is raised as a payment plan to try to facilitate access to compliance with thirty years.”

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