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Cane growers from Jujuy and Salta calculate losses of more than 50% due to the drought

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Last year we had a loss of more than 30% and this year we are going to exceed 50%, due to a drought that has been hitting production hard in the last three seasons,” the entity warned.

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In this context, due to economic difficulties, “many producers could be left behind,” he added.

On the other hand, he pointed out that most of the plantations have a poor development due to severe water stress that have been suffering as a result of the severe drought, to which is added the lack of financing for the reedbed renovation.

“We are once again asking the governments for urgent measures to face this difficult situation and thus be able to ensure continuity of production and the thousands of sources of work that depend on this activity”, emphasized the Ucijs.

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The entity recalled that within the framework of the Regional Table of Sugar Production Formed at the beginning of 2022, the sugarcane farmers raised the need for aid to the sector with measures related to employer contributions, income taxes and credits with low and long-term rates that allow the activity to be faced.

The Government announced measures to alleviate the effects of the drought in other sectors, such as dairy farming. In addition, last week he engaged with the Liaison Table to present solutions to the claims raised by the agrarian entities such as, among others, the suspension of the advance of Profits.

Last Tuesday, the Ministry of Economy declared the state of emergency and/or agricultural disaster in various provinces and extended it in many others where it was already established, but it became necessary to extend it. Thus, in total, eleven provinces are in this situation as of today, with the aim of addressing the situation of rural farms affected by frost, drought, plagues or fires.

Source: Ambito

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