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the three most recommended papers to invest during 2023

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However, the fundamentals of many local companies have improved in recent years, which increases the opportunities to obtain promising returns, by positioning themselves in these assets in the medium term. And from a technical analysis for the long term, a promising horizon is glimpsed by showing local equity prices that lag quite behind in relation to the main regional stock indices, which invites entry into a market with many opportunities for recovery.

In this context, Ámbito contacted experts who described the Argentine papers that will make it possible to take care of savers’ capital and obtain the greatest benefits in 2023.

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From IOL investoronline, they indicated that one of the outstanding features of IRSA was its increase in sales in shopping centers located in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires up to 145.3% year-on-year, going from $71,066 million to $174,303 million during the 2022 fiscal period, while those of the Interior of the country increased by 51.5% in all of 2022, going from $53,015 million to $80,328 million.

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“The company’s extensive holding of assets has allowed it to face adverse contexts through, for example, the sale of offices. While it significantly improved its credit ratios by reducing the level of debt, taking it to $476 million from the $741 million it registered as of September 2020,” they said from IOL.

Mauro Mazza, head of Research at Bull Markets, said that the firm is making a placement that will substantially reduce its leverage. “In addition, it has a strong recovery in office and shopping rental margins, but also in hotels, returning to pre-pandemic normality,” the economist stated. “All of this is positive for the company because it reduces its exposure in foreign currency, which is an advantage in any eventuality of the exchange context,” he stressed.

Pampa Energy

Juan Manuel Franco, chief economist of the SBS group, indicated that this company has the advantage of allowing investors to position themselves in the energy sector in a diversified manner, since it has operations in both gas and electricity generation. For his part, he expressed that the commitment shown by the government to accelerate the construction of the Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline will allow solving the logistics bottleneck in the medium term, the main current obstacle for the sector, and Pampa will benefit from higher volumes sold. both in the domestic and foreign markets.

Mazza, in this same sense, warned that this business may have a great financing boost from Brazil, which would speed up the deadlines for completion. In addition, he recognized that the company has significant potential for the next 12 months because it could have a recovery in its price of between 30 and 40%.


Franco said that Transportadora de Gas del Sur (TGS) is the main and largest midstream company in the country, a key sector for the search for energy self-sufficiency. In addition, he evidenced that it is present in the market for the production and sale of natural gas liquids (LNG) and supplies the local and international markets, allowing it to dose the risk of its operation.

Mazza added that the drop in global commodity prices will affect its results for the first quarter of 2023, but acknowledged that it could be accommodated from the middle of the year, exceeding the returns reached by the competition.

Finally, the specialist recommended that the ideal moment for the purchase should be given with caution and that every drop greater than 10% could be taken advantage of to make a purchase, assembling a correct positioning price range.

Source: Ambito

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