How metastases form in the brain

How metastases form in the brain
How metastases form in the brain

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They are a feared complication of tumor diseases, especially lung carcinomas, melanomas and breast carcinomas: brain metastases. The brain differs from other organs in which metastases can also occur, not only because of the blood-liquor barrier, but also because of its special anatomical and histological structure. Of course, these differences also play a role in the treatment of metastases.

In a new study conducted at the medical faculty of the Kepler University, the “Tumor Micro-Environment (TME)”, i.e. the immediate tissue environment of the growths, of brain metastases is examined in comparison to the brain’s own tumors and the primary tumors. The individual cell components of the tumors are characterized using tissue microarray technology and histological analyzes and the relationship between the individual compartments is also examined.

The results of the work will help to improve the understanding of brain metastases, especially in contrast to brain tumors, and in particular the interaction of tumor cells with their environment. From this, new, better therapy options could be developed.

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