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The Government confirmed that it will not intervene in the price of meat

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The rise in the price of meat in the concentration markets was one of the topics discussed yesterday at the meeting held by representatives of the Liaison Table and the Governmentaccording to the official commented.

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The values ​​of the farm on foot registered increases of up to 30% and it is expected that, gradually, it will be reflected on the counters because, according to the butchers, there is no margin for an economic transfer given the general economic situation.

Bahillo considered that what is happening in recent days is a “realignment” of prices after having been for almost nine months without changes.

“The meat market is like that, sometimes it has a period of stability and suddenly it recovers,” explained the official.

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Meats Butchery Price Consumption Inflation

Ignacio Petunchi

Under this logic, Bahillo affirmed that, during the conversations with the ruralistas, it was established that there will be a monitoring of the number of heads that are offered to keep the market supplied.

For now, ruled out new export bans, but indicated that the provisions for the seven popular cuts will be maintained.

“We are approving the shipping requests that have been made to us so far,” the official said.

The Government annulled the “Cortes Cuidados” program that kept the retail price of these pieces fixed, while, in addition, consumers multiplied their complaints about the quality of that offer.

The price of meat remained stable during 2022 in large part because the drought forced many producers to sell off their cattle early.

Hence, among the measures that the Government ordered yesterday, it was decided that those heads that were sent to refrigerators in advance will not be computed for the payment of the Income Tax.

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