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The Government will put a cap on the increase in quotas

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The evaluation system approved by the Codicen limits repetitions, eliminates exams and changes the grading system in schools, high schools and UTU in Uruguay,


The announcement, which was provided by the owner of Economy in it Kirchner Cultural Center (CCK)was given after the joint work that the Governmentthe business chambers and the supermarkets.

Expand the Fair Prices program

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About education in the country, Sergio Massa announced that there will be two measures: on the one hand, the setting of costs in certain elements; on the other, a single criterion for the increase in fees for private schools.

“Some provinces had authorized increases of up to 40% for March. But established a single criteria for the whole countrywhich is announced next Wednesday in the Federal Council of Educationwith a pattern that goes down a 40% on average the initial increase”, he said. In this way, it is established up to the June 30th a path of 3.5% in the case of colleges.

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The official also thanked the Secretary of Commerce, Ministry of Education and to the companies, for their participation and commitment in this. “They understood that the challenge was to give consumer certaintythat he knows what he is going to pay, what he is going to spend, against what he somehow plans as income,” he assured. In addition, he added that “It is key that we have the ability to make our currency strong”.

Private schools say the cap on the increase in fees will give “predictability”

The entities that include private schools they were shown according to the new adjustment system staggered installments. “What is intended is to give predictability”highlighted the president of the Confederation of Private Education Institutions (CAIEP), Rodolfo de Vicenzi.

Within the framework of the expansion of the Fair Prices program announced by the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, De Vicenzi stressed that “What is intended with this agreement is to provide predictability to avoid speculation” and guaranteed that from the sector they are going to “work all so that it is fulfilled”.



For his part, the benchmark of the private education sector, He also stated that “we have worked together with the Ministry of Economy and Education, in coordination with the jurisdictions, to manage to optimize the redistribution of the transfers of higher costs to tariffs in the semester”.

De Vicenzi explained that “the agreement itself is 16.8% in March, 3.35% in April, May and June, and 4% in July”. held that “This is a reference that is raised at the national level and we will all work to make it happen.”

Source: Ambito

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