Registered employment reached a record level: 13 million workers

Registered employment reached a record level: 13 million workers

The largest monthly increase in employment was that of monotributistas (31,400), a modality that companies use more frequently. This modality explains two thirds (66%) of the net growth in the number of workers with registered jobs in the social security system.

The private wage earners grew by 12 thousand peoplefollowed by the public sector (7.9 thousand). Instead, decreased the number of workers included in the social monotribute (4.7 thousand).

in comparison YoYthe total number of workers with salaried employment expanded 3.4% (331 thousand workers). This The increase was driven by the private sector (4.5%, 269.3 thousand people) and, secondly, to the growth of the public sector (1.8%, 58.9 thousand more jobs).

work in particular houses presented a positive variation of 0.6% in relation to the same month of the previous year (barely 3 thousand workers).

The job independent as a whole expanded 11.6% (299.5 thousand workers) driven by categories monotribute. On the other hand, the amount of contributors to the self-employed regime presented a increase moderate of 1.3%.


In November 2022 the remuneration average gross nominal in the private sector was $203,764 and grew 88.2% compared to the same month of the previous year. It is worth clarifying that interannual inflation for the same period was 92.4% according to INDEC.

For his part, heHalf of the workers received less than $155,494 and increased 86.8% in the interannual comparison.

Where did employment grow the most?

The branches of activity that showed the greatest monthly dynamism were: construction (0.9%), exploitation of mines and quarries (0.8%), fishing (0.8%), trade and repairs (0.4%), industry (0.3%) and Hotels and restaurants (0.3%).

Instead, they presented falls: social and Health Services (0.1%), and agriculture, livestock, hunting and forestry (0.5%).

For their part, some sectors remained stablesuch is the case of Community, social and personal services; Transport, storage and communications; and Real estate, business and rental activities.

Source: Ambito

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