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The five points that Martín Tetaz raised to advance in a reform of the State

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Martin Tetaz’s proposal

On Twitter, Tetaz cited the post and shared some of his own considerations in this regard, among which “remove export taxes” stands out.

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“Let’s remove taxes on exports, production and employment. Let’s end the risk of labor lawsuits for SMEs and protect workers with decent, temporary unemployment insurance, with compensation in training,” said the deputy.

Immediately afterwards, the economist explained that “to finance this, let’s reform the State” and listed the points that, in his opinion, should be considered.


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“Buy cheaper (in UVAs), spend less on administration, eliminate the deficit of public companies by giving them to the workers, eliminate privilege regimes, end useless paperwork and bureaucracy”, He suggested.

Agreement in Province

Previously, the Evolución legislator insisted on his idea of ​​an “institutional agreement” to confront Axel Kicillof in the Province and transform the election into a “ballot,” taking into account the weight of the district in the national results.

Tetaz called for “taking the measures leading to the opposition ending this election with a single candidate.” “If the opposition has divided votes, (Governor Axel) Kicillof wins. Let’s make an institutional agreement to turn the October election into a sort of ballot. I’m not proposing that anyone enter anywhere,” held.

In radio statements, the economist remarked that “it is necessary to alert and take the measures leading to the opposition ending that election (in October) with a single candidate”, in order to polarize with the Frente de Todos.

“We have to ensure that a candidate from Together for Change wins the Province and for that there must be a competitive radical candidate to target the PASO and that they be competitive, as it was in 2021,” Tetaz analyzed.

Finally, the national deputy from Evolución Radical also referred to the national stage of Together for Change ahead of the presidential elections.

“Never before in an election have there been six competitive presidential candidates in a political space. This is a great novelty. That implies some tension from the political point of view, but as long as the PASO institution exists, nothing happens, because people go to be the one that is going to order those candidacies and deciding what nuance she wants Together for Change to have,” she concluded.

Source: Ambito

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