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World of work: More money for trainees: For the first time, an average of over 1000 euros

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However, there are clear differences when it comes to payment: In some training occupations, the remuneration is 850 euros per month or even less.

According to an evaluation by the Federal Institute for Vocational Training (BIBB), the income of trainees increased significantly last year. On average, the training allowances over all years of training in collective bargaining companies were therefore over 1000 euros for the first time. Apprentices in the west earned an average of 1,029 euros as of October 1, and 1,012 euros in the east.

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Overall, remuneration increased by 4.2 percent, after 2.5 percent in the previous year. Because of the high inflation, the trainees had to accept real wage losses despite the higher increase, it said. The annual figures collected by the BIBB will be published this Wednesday. They were available to the German Press Agency in advance.

When it comes to pay, there are significant differences depending on the training occupation. As in the previous year, trainees in carpentry earned the most with 1254 euros per month. Aspiring bricklayers, pipeline fitters and merchants in the banking and insurance sector also receive above-average apprenticeship wages. Trainees who want to become painters, bakers, chimney sweeps or hairdressers are comparatively badly paid. Here the remuneration is 850 euros and below. At 652 euros, there was the least in the profession of orthopedic shoemaker.

Source: Stern

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