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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Savings account: This makes it as easy as possible to pass it on to descendants

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Grandparents sometimes face the problem of wanting to transfer money in a savings account directly to their grandchildren. What sounds simple is more complicated than you think. But there are solutions.

Nadine Oberhuber

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If a testator has saved money in accounts, it is generally part of the estate. The money is therefore shared among all heirs. A savings account is also automatically passed on to all heirs of a community of heirs – if there are several co-heirs. Everyone can only decide together. In addition, although grandchildren are heirs of the first order, according to the law of succession, they are not considered as long as the parent who ranks above them is still alive. However, both of these only apply if you have not written a will.

With the last will you can change the order – and already think about the grandchildren – as well as regulate the distribution. A savings account can therefore be transferred in its entirety to an heir.

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