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Monday, March 27, 2023

Rubinstein will meet with the IMF for the review of the agreement and in search of US $ 5.4 billion

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The period analyzed is fourth quarter of 2022year that Argentina closed with a primary deficit (not including debt services) equivalent to 2.4% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), with an overcompliance of one tenth, if one takes into account that the agreed goal had been 2.5%.

Rubinstein meets with the IMF for a disbursement of US$5.4 billion

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For 2023, the primary deficit goal is 1.9%, in a year marked by several conditions that the Argentine government seeks to raise in the discussions in Washington, such as the impact of the drought on the agricultural harvest and consequently on the income of currencies, as well as the continuation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, with consequences for energy prices and transport and logistics costs.

Rubinstein and Madcur They had participated in the deliberations at the beginning of February with the IMF technical teams, which were carried out in a hybrid format, since the head of the delegation, Luis Cubeddu, maintained contact remotely, official sources confirmed to Télam on Monday.

Source: Ambito

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