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Plaini assured that no union will sign without a review clause for inflation

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Plaini referred to this when asked about the statements made by the Minister of Labor, Raquel “Kelly” Olmos, who said that 30% is the reference increase for parities in the first half of the year.

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“30% is the inflation target and we are achieving it. We have had an impact in that difficult sense with the January number, but it does not mean that we cannot meet that target of 30 inflation points in the first semester,” he emphasized. the official

On the other hand, Plaini considered: “It is good that the Government wants to lower inflation this year to 60%, but reality is marking the day to day. Here it happens as with the National Budget: it arrives at the parliamentary discussion with an inflation target , which later ends up being surpassed”.

In his opinion, the paritys “are sovereign and no one can now predict a percentage” of salary increases for the entire year.

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“It is that today the wage agreements, which would have to be signed once a year, are being signed, in some cases, on a quarterly basis, due to the consequences generated by inflation,” said the trade unionist, in statements to the program “Esta mañana “Rivadavia radio.

He also said that, when signed in tranches, “When the last one was collected, all the workers paid their bills with an increase” and added: “In other words, inflation always runs backwards. That is why it is important to resolve the macroeconomics: this is a key issue, because the one who always loses He has an income, a salary.”

Source: Ambito

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