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Due to drought and input costs, Entre Ríos registers one of its worst rice crops

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The grain was detected in nine of the 17 departments of Entre Ríos, mainly in the north and west of the province, where Villaguay registered the highest implantation (29% of the total), followed by San Salvador (16%), La Paz (13%) and Federación (12%).

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While, 30 of the 106 districts that make up the province had rice planting, of which in five there was a moderate decrease between 1,001 and 2,000 hectares, in seven the fall was between 251 and 1,000, 16 districts had no significant changes, and two districts had a slight growth between 251 and 1,000 hectares.

In relation to the irrigation fountainthe agency explained that through wells it covered 63% (34,400 hectares), by dams 24% (13,250) and the intake of rivers and streams 13% (7,200).

According to the Entre Ríos Grain Exchange, 2022 was the “driest year of the last sixty” periods, and the 2020/21/22 triennium, stands out as the driest “ever observed”.

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The Rainfall records in Entre Ríos were among the ten lowest in the last 60 years in a large part of the province, where the rains also came to be up to six times less than what it normally should rain.

This scenario, and the temperatures above normal values, caused a almost zero water reserves and a marked advance of the drought in the soil of Entre Ríos.

That caused a increase in production costsspecifically in the traditional area, where irrigation comes from deep wells and there is a significant energy expense in the extraction of water, and therefore negative gross margins.

In addition, the dams had a lower reservoir capacity due to low rainfall.

The producers of the province also verified increases in fuel and electric power; nitrogen fertilizers; and difficulties in the provision of inputs, mainly herbicides.

Source: Ambito

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