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Thursday, March 23, 2023

New collective agreement for the hotel and hospitality industry

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The new gross minimum wage for unskilled workers is 1,800 euros and for specialists in the first two years of work 1,860 euros. As of May 1st, apprentice incomes will be EUR 925 in the first year of training, EUR 1,035 in the second, EUR 1,215 in the third and EUR 1,305 in the fourth year of training, the unions GPA and vida announced on Wednesday evening.

“This means that at least real wage growth and a first necessary step towards a minimum wage of 2,000 euros for the 230,000 employees in the industry have been achieved,” emphasized Berend Tusch and Andreas Laaber, chief negotiators of collective agreements at vida and GPA.

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Despite the agreement on the collective agreement (KV) 2023, the employee representatives are upset. “The employer representatives could no longer remember the cost-of-living adjustment of 400 euros in the third (KV-negotiation) round on Wednesday,” Tusch criticized “the anything but trust-promoting approach of the negotiating counterpart”.

The labor market is a market with supply and demand like any other – accordingly, the tourism industry has a lot of catching up to do in the competition for workers, according to Tusch. “It remains questionable whether the concessions made by employers will be enough to meet the sharp rise in demand for workers,” said Tusch and Laaber.

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