They launch lines of credit with a discounted rate for dryers and yerbateros mills

They launch lines of credit with a discounted rate for dryers and yerbateros mills

“It is very important that a few days after the start of the coarse harvest, the industry and the dryers can have these lines of credit,” he stressed. szychowski.

In this sense, he explained that there are two types of financing. One of them is oriented to the purchase of raw material, while the other can be requested for productive investment; that is, the incorporation of equipment and machinery. In both cases, the maximum amount is 40 million pesos.

For his part, the Minister safran recalled that these announcements are part of the agreement signed last week by the governor Oscar Herrera Ahuad and the president of Banco Nación Argentina, Silvina Batakis.

“The INYM and the Province subsidize the rate by 20 points per year”, he explained and recalled that it is complemented by the CreAr Inversión Pyme y Exportadores line, which is in force with Banco Macro and is financed by FONDEP. “In this case, there are also 40 million pesos for activities in the productive sector, including yerba mate, destined for productive investment.”

The meeting took place at the INYM headquarters and the president of the Chamber of Yerba Mate Millers of the Production Zone, Victor Saguier, who emphasized the possibility of accessing financing to modernize the production, milling and packaging processes. “Obtaining rates of this nature is encouraging, it is something that the industry had requested from the Governor and this is a response to that request,” he said.

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