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The registration of companies to the Supplier Development program was opened: how to access credits

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In the context of this programme, the implementation of a series of technical assistance and financing instruments to which the participating firms will be able to access and whose implementation is “depending on budget availability”.

What sectors does it cover and what are the amounts of the credits?

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And, with these previously established guidelines, Resolution 75/2023, published this Friday in the Official Gazette, summons companies from the sectors of the healthwhich will receive non-reimbursable contributions for up to $400 million; auto parts and motorcycle partswhich will be benefited with up to $360 million; miningfor which credits for up to $450 million will be allocated; hydrocarbons, which will receive contributions of up to $550 million; for aerospace transportation a maximum amount of $370 million will be allocated, Green technology (they will receive contributions for a maximum of $250 million); automation and roboticswhich will have $100 million; plant based foods; precision agricultural production and agropartes: parts of agricultural machinery, three sectors to which contributions of $200 million will be allocated for each one.

In all cases, companies interested in accessing the program must carry out the corresponding presentations of a project that complies with the provisions set forth in the “Particular Bases and Conditions of the National Supplier Development Program 2023”. It is clarified that, in most of the items, “Client-Supplier Associative Projects” will not be financed and, in those cases, if submissions are received under this modality, they will be processed as non-associative projects, applying the general financing criteria.

Likewise, Resolution 76/2023 of the Ministry of Industry was published this Friday in the Official Gazette, which is an extension, which includes potential suppliers of the company YPF SA within the National Supplier Development Program “to promote the increase in competitiveness of local suppliers and the strengthening of the capacities of the national hydrocarbon industry. This call is intended for local suppliers that will contribute to the strengthening of the company.

Some considerations for participating companies

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For companies, this is a great opportunity without a doubt, but the lawyer who is an expert in security solutions integrity and compliance in companies and organizations Diego Martínez points out in dialogue with Ambit that “they have to take into account when enrolling in these programs that it is very important to comply with the implementation of integrity programs to protect themselves in the future from possible questions.” It is something that service providers for the public sector should consider.

“You have to focus on that, but also from the perspective of the state it is important that this requirement be prioritized, especially taking into account the requirements set by the Law on Criminal Responsibility of Legal Entities”, says Martinez. And he considers that these types of calls are essential to demand integrity programs from companies.

Although he regrets that in this case the focus is not placed on that point, it could be covered in part with the requirement that is expected to justify the ends of the same and detail its operation and benefits for the sector in question.

Likewise, it does observe as very positive the application of strong criteria with a focus on gender policy. “The bases and conditions show that projects with innovative and export capacity are prioritized, but new suppliers are also asked to hire 50% of women or diverse profiles and that seems very novel to me.”

Source: Ambito

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