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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

The Agrarian Federation calls for a mobilization to demand measures

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“We will demonstrate and we will continue asking because eliminate the exchange differential, that a withholding elimination plan be established and so that the aid promised in the form of non-reimbursable contributions reaches the producers”, states one of the points of the claim.

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The FFA said that in the last few days it received many adhesions of various entities and organizations of the productive sector. Among them, the Argentine Rural Confederations joined the assembly called by the Agrarian Federation in rejection of the measures announced by the Government.


This year, agricultural production is hard hit by a drought history that was added to a heat wave and early frosts when many plants were still developing their yields.

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“For two or three years the punishment of various inclement weather conditions has been added, such as droughts, floods, frosts and hail, which they have deepened that crisisleading to the disappearance of producers,” the statement said.

The Buenos Aires Grain Exchange again reduced its estimates for the 2022/23 soybean and corn crops, to 33.5 million and 41 million tons, respectively, due to the impact of a drought, high temperatures and recent early frosts.

Source: Ambito

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