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there was no joint statement due to lack of agreement on Ukraine

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“Most of the (G20) members strongly condemned the war in Ukraine“, with “different assessments of the situation and on sanctions“imposed on Russia since the start of the invasion of Ukraine, the Indian document says, according to the AFP news agency.

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A footnote states that two paragraphs of the draft Ukrainian war related statement were “approved by all member countries, except Russia and China“.

“The discussions are more difficult than in the previous meetings (of the G20 Finance), because the war continues,” said the Spanish Minister of Economy, Nadia Calvino.

Because of this, “some positions are less constructive on some issues,” he added, without specifying the target of his allusions.

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Discussions to find a term that suits everyone lasted until early Saturday morning without results.

China has always refrained from publicly supporting or condemning the Russian offensive.although on several occasions he expressed his disagreement with Western sanctions.

The Russian government accused Western countries of having “destabilized” the meeting trying to impose by “blackmail” a joint statement on the conflict.

United States, the European Union and the G7 “disrupted collective decision-making”the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

On Friday, one year after the start of the conflict, China unveiled a 12-point document urging the two sides to enter into peace talkswhile Germany and France defended the use of the word “war”.

In Ukraine “it is a war, and this war has a cause, a single cause, which is Russia and (Russian President) Vladimir Putin,” argued the German Finance Minister, Christian Lindner.

“We will oppose any rollback in the joint declaration, regarding the Bali declaration on Ukraine,” also warned the French Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno LeMaire.

The closing statement of Bali indicated that “the majority of the members (of the G20) condemned the war in Ukraine“.

India’s G20 Finance also held talks on the indebtedness of the world’s poorest countries.

In 2020the group had agreed to define a “common framework” to restructure those debts, but the process is slow.

In Bangalore the issue of a reform of the international financial institutions was also addressed.


Source: Ambito

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