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mega-operation in supermarkets to control meat supply

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“During these operations, we sought to verify compliance with respect to price, signage and stock of the seven cuts included in the program”, informed the Secretary of Commerce, in charge of Matias Tombolini. As stated in a statement, “The quality of the product offered and the amount of storage in the cold rooms were controlled.”

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“A lack of stock was found in the five establishments in one of the seven cuts that are part of the program, for which imputations were made in this regard”, they specified. According to the official part, in the Coto de Morón it was detected that the signage was not in the right place and that the high demand of the neighbors made the replacement of stock of the cuts of the program was insufficient.

“The Secretariat proceeded to make the corresponding charges. In additionthe municipality’s Bromatology area drew up minutes for non-compliance with ordinance 10024/07 when finding expired products and with defective packaging”, stated the report. It was also detailed that in the Changomas de Avellaneda “accusations were made because, otherwise,In the cuts corresponding to Fair Prices, only empty roast lid stock was found, and to a lesser extent matambre”.

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The press release indicates that “in the premises of the same chain in Malvinas Argentinas, verified that the vacuum cuts, roast top and rump were not in the Fair Price categorybut there was a stock of the same of other values ​​in the refrigerators”. “The corresponding minutes were carried out and the Municipality drew up minutes for the temperature of the meat and lack of signage”they reported.

Fair Prices

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In Florencio Varela too “the lack of stock was verified in various cuts of Fair Prices, for which reason the Secretariat also drew up minutes”. While in the Carrefour of Lomas de Zamora “the lack of stock was verified in five cuts of Fair Meat Prices and imputations were also made.”

In addition, they specified that The Bromatology area verified “poor hygiene conditions in the cold room of the butcher sector, expired merchandise, and cross-contamination in food, for which it proceeded to close the premises.” “Today’s tour is part of the daily operations carried out by the Secretariat to verify if the companies and supermarkets comply with the Fair Prices agreement, which is a voluntary agreement,” he said. Tombolini And he stressed: “If the State complies, the companies have to comply. That is why we establish these controls and that is why we say that patience is over.”

Fair Prices Meat includes 7 popular cutss that keep their fixed price until March 31 and then they will follow a pattern of 3.2% until June 30. The cuts included are: roast strip for $1,035, buttock for $1,375, matambre for $1,310, empty for $1,351, skirt for $675, shoulder for $1,113 and roast cover for $1,035.

Source: Ambito

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