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The increments for the Subway and the subway are already agreed, according to what was confirmed by Subways of Buenos Aires.

  • This way it will start to cost $58 in March, $67 in May, $74 in June and $80 in September. The premetro, for its part, will cost $20 in March until June and will reach $28 in September.
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It should be noted that, in any case, the 55% discount for beneficiaries of the Social Rate of the SUBE card will continue to be valid, that is, the minimum ticket for them will go from $11.34 to $15.75 pesos.


The update applied in January to the AMBA bus fares set a minimum ticket of $35 and then $39, $42, $45 and $48 according to the length of the tour. As of March and until December of this year, these tariff values ​​will be adjusted monthly according to the variation of the Consumer Price Index (IPC) of Greater Buenos Aires surveyed by INDEC.

private schools

At the beginning of February, the Ministry of Economy agreed with private schools to enter the Fair Prices program. Among the elements of the agreement, in addition to the state benefit for the purchase of supplies for the school basket, a ceiling increase for private school fees was also negotiated.

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According to the agreement, quotas will rise to 16.38% in March and in the following months they will have adjustments of 3.5% until June 30.


As is the case every month since the agreement reached in December with the Economy, the oil companies will have a maximum increase per month. On this occasion and within the framework of the Fair Prices program, they will have a cap of 3.8%. It will be 0.2% less than the 4% established in previous months.


From March 1st new rent increases will go into effectfor contracts that must be renewed this month year/year.

The rental update mechanism is regulated by the Rental Law, which establishes that the increase is made according to an average of the annual variation of inflation, published by INDEC, and the level of wages of workers who make contributions to the social security (RIPTE).

For a tenant who signed a contract in March 2022 for $50,000will renew with an increase of 89.6% YoY, so you will pay $94,780 for the same unit. Compared to the renewals made in February, which were done with increases of 86%, the March updates are more than three points higher.


As has been happening every month, in March the prepaid will also have an increase. This time, it will be 7.66% for those who receive net income equal to or greater than $392,562 (according to RIPTE) and for those who complete the form. For those who have salaries less than that amount, it will be 5.04%.

With the March readjustment, the prices of the health plans will have had, in the first three months of the year, an increase of 24.5% for those who do not qualify for the cap, and 17.8% for those cases in which the maximum index is considered linked with the Ripte. Before the February and March updates, an increase of 6.9% had materialized in the first month of the year.

Rates: gas and water

Users will have a single update throughout 2023 as confirmed by the Ministry of Energy, which will be 28.3% to be applied in March.

However, the increases corresponding to transportation and distribution services will then be added to this percentage, which also impact the final price of the invoice.

According to industry estimates, and based on the increases already defined, the sum of all the components -transportation, distribution, gas price and taxes- would represent an increase of 50% for a medium-income user (Level 3 of the segmentation). .

In the case of water, in March the users of medium zones -according to the zonal coefficient- will begin to pay full rate. This segment covers some 984,000 residential users.

Meanwhile, customers in lower-middle areas will maintain a 15% subsidy on the final price of the bill since March. This segment covers more than 1.1 million users. From now on, it is worth clarifying that people who have a social or community rate are left out of the cut in subsidies and will have 100% of the social rate.

However, there is a registry -on the ERAS page- where those who lose their subsidies can request to keep them as long as their family income is less than two basic baskets ($327,078 as of February).

Domestic workers

Women workers who carry out tasks related to domestic service have an increase of 4% in March 2023, compared to the values ​​of November, according to the latest joint agreement of the National Commission for Work in Private Houses.

This 24% update was granted as follows: in December there was an 8% increase; in January, 7%; in February, 5%; and a last adjustment of 4%, scheduled for March.

Hourly wages for domestic workers in March

  • First category – Supervisor: $738 (with withdrawal) and $808 (without withdrawal)
  • Second category – Personnel for specific tasks: $698 (with withdrawal) and $766 (without withdrawal)
  • Third category – Home: $659
  • Fourth category – Assistance and care of people: $659 (with withdrawal) and $738 (without withdrawal)
  • Fifth Category – Personnel for general tasks: $611 (with withdrawal) and $659 (without withdrawal)

This is the scheme with which employers must pay the housemaid salary in cases where the person is hired for hours either per day during the month of March 2023.

Source: Ambito

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