When and how much does the Vital and Mobile Minimum Wage increase?

When and how much does the Vital and Mobile Minimum Wage increase?

Who will be impacted by the increase in the SMVyM

  • Enhance Work: It is equivalent to half SMVyM for four daily hours of labor compensation. In March it will be of $34,750
  • Accompany Program: intended for victims of gender violence. In seazo will become of $69,500.
  • teachers: By law, teachers’ salaries must be at least one 20% above the minimum wage.
  • retirements: will reach those retirees with the minimum assets.

increases in march

In the month of March, in addition to raising the amount of the SMVyM, there will be increases in the rates of different services:


Since February 1, the new electricity rate charts, approved by the national government, have been in force. In that framework, in Marchresidential users of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA) will receive a 17% increase on your electricity bills.

prepaid medicine

As in the case of light, since February a is in forcea new formula for adjusting the quotas of these companies. The decree through which this increase was established, determined that, in the next 18 months, the increase may not be greater than 90% of the Average Taxable Remuneration Index of Stable Workers (RIPTE) of the immediately previous published month.

private schools

In this regard, the government agreed that in March there will be a increase of the 16.38%. In addition, in June there would be another increase in the prices of quotas.

Source: Ambito

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