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in January, the deeds in the City of Buenos Aires increased

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Thus, the total number of real estate purchase and sale deeds registered an increase of 33.4% in the first month of 2023 compared to the level of a year earlier and the total amount of transactions carried out increased by 142.8%.

This was the average amount of the deeds

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He average amount of the acts was $22,471,663 (US$118,558, according to the average official exchange rate), which represents an increase of 82% in one year in pesos, while, taken in US currency, the average climbed 5.2%.

We come from closing the best year since 2018, which is why we hope that little by little the real estate market will be able to reverse”, he stated.

However, according to the entity that brings together Buenos Aires notaries, 1,848 deeds were made purchase and sale of real estate in January of this year in the capital for a total amount equivalent to $41,527 million.

Less than in December and there are almost no mortgages

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Also, compared to December 2022, when there were 4,253 deeds, the acts fell by 56%. And it is worth mentioning that, of the total, only 78 deeds were formalized with a mortgage. So the drop in this sense is 10.3% compared to the same month last year.

January was the month with the fewest mortgages in the series for the month. In fact, the number is very far from the data of 2016 (255) and 2017 (1,855), when UVA credits had triggered the market share of this type of purchase. As illustrative data, the school warns that, in January 2018, there were more mortgage deeds than the total sales in January 2023.

In this sense, Bártolo pointed out that, from the College “we insist that, with a housing policy, the rebound would be notorious”.

Source: Ambito

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