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rage for the yerba and dulce de leche

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Cafiero highlighted the importance of the trade mission by noting: “Opening markets is an important part of the work we do at the Foreign Ministry, which will also be consolidated after the opening of our embassy here.”

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“Many of our country’s products already have a market won in Bangladesh, they are linked to the agricultural sector, but also to the industrialization of natural resources, not only biofuels but also products linked to sectors that Argentina has been gaining internationally. ”, he stressed.

In this sense, Diego Martins Havanna’s commercial manager stated: “They like dulce de leche and it seems that they will open the doors for us, also getting to the Foreign Ministry and State agencies is essential.”

While, Juan Fera, Marolio’s director, said: “Yerba mate is something that they still don’t quite understand how it works, so we are explaining it to them. In addition, we brought the peach in pieces and the truth is that they try it and they like it. I think this is the best way to be able to export our work to the world. Coming alone to this part of the world would be impossible.”

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To its turn, Carlos Tonon, director of Sabias Semillas expressed: “Our workhorse is olive oil. We have excellent quality olive oil from the province of Catamarca that can compete with similar products from Europe”.

“They don’t quite understand what alfajor is but they like all of them. They tried the black, the white, the cornstarch, the cookie,” he said. Mariano Bonaventura, director of Alfajores Baltazar.

“For Piporé, exports are a strategic part of our business; We are one of the top two or three exporting yerbateras. We are very confident that there is significant potential here,” he said. Silvio Leguiacommercial manager of Piporé.

Finally, Melody Amal, The commercial director of The Halal Company, certified food for the Muslim community, explained that “all of this is very positive because we are uniting ties that are not only business but cultural and fraternity of countries.”

Executives from the companies Marolio, Ecofactory, Vetanco, Lipotech, Luna de los Andes Sabias Semillas, Letis, Santo Pipó, Instituto Nacional de la Yerba Mate (INYM), The Halal Catering Argentina HCB, Havanna, Arcor, Baltazar- traveled with Cafiero. Alfa Pampa, Suplefeed, Ronaldb, Club Atlético River Plate and Cargill.

Bangladesh is located at the crossroads of South Asia, East Asia and Southeast Asia, being the eighth most populous country in the world, with a market of more than 170 million inhabitants.

Source: Ambito

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