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Government confirmed that light will increase up to 60% in April and June

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According to the agency’s statement, “in line with what was announced on February 6, the rate readjustment will involve more than 70% of residential users (approximately 3.8 million) included in categories R1 and R2, including 700,000 rate beneficiaries social, an increase in the average invoice that would not exceed $348 in the first tranche, and $421 in the second tranche.

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And he explains: “IIn the case of General Rate users, the average increase for April 2023 with respect to the current charts will be an average of 34%”.

This percentage will be applied to the bills of businesses, homes, industries and other users.

Likewise, within the framework of this tariff readjustment, the ENRE “ordered the distributors EDENOR SA and EDESUR SA to present the investment plan for the year 2023 with the necessary works for the expansion and improvement of the electrical network, in order to guarantee the normal provision of electrical service for all users.”}

What criteria were there to increase the rates?

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The ENRE Comptroller, Walter Martello, assured that “in order to define this rate update, the protection of the family economy of low- and medium-income users was taken as a central criterion,” while stressing that “the requested increases were not granted by the companies that fluctuated by 300%, but rather a fair and reasonable recomposition of rates, less than the retail inflation projected for this year, and that forces companies to make the necessary investments to guarantee a quality service”.

What the increase in bills will look like

The detail of the resolutions mentions that LEVEL 1 households (higher-income households) and those with medium consumption (R2 category) will face an average final bill for April of between $3,100 and $3,300.

LEVEL 3 users (middle income) will see an average increase of $1,700 and $1,800 on their bills.

LEVEL 2 (Low Income) Users: You will notice an increase in your average final tax bill between $1,500 and $1,600.

Source: Ambito

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