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They highlight positive signs and believe that 2023 could be a pivotal year

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In the comparison with December, the entity clarified, there was a 56% drop in the number of operations, compared to the 4,253 completed in that month. Although, in this case, the seasonal issue had an impact and that, in addition, the number for December had been high compared to previous years.

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This is how he explained it to Ambit Alejandro Bennazar, president of the Argentine Real Estate Chamber (CIA): “The deed index of December 2022 was better than that of December 2018, one of the best years, which had mortgage loans.”

In this scenario, when reviewing some of the signs that suggest an auspicious year for the sector, he highlighted: “We are measuring the increase in inquiries and the decrease in supply: this is important, when you have less supply, more inquiries and more specificity, it impacts sales and should impact prices.”

Referring to the lower offer, Bennazar clarified that “the stock of real estate for sale is still large”, but he explained: “Part of that stock is being withdrawn due to the expectation that the values ​​will recover. There are several indices that suggest that this could be a pivotal year, especially if credit lines are coupled. This can be a good year. Because in January there was an important job, despite being a month of vacation ”.

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Other factors that can boost real estate sales, according to the CIA president, is that some investors “They have expectations that the properties are going to increase.” “The buyer knows that at these values, he will not be able to buy again. Prices have already stabilized and they may recover somewhat this year, despite the fact that it is a particular year due to the elections, ”he said.

“For this reason, there was a very significant increase in inquiries. And we hope it will be a pivotal year. In fact, in some sectors of the province of Buenos Aires, mainly thanks to agribusiness, it has already recovered to historical values. There are good expectations, with various positive signs, ”he concluded.


Jorge Toselli, owner of JT Inmobiliaria, confirmed that they are receiving a greater number of inquiries for apartment purchases in the City. Although he clarified that not all segments grow uniformly.

Most of the sales are focused on small apartments, with 1 and 2 rooms. And they have to be at a good price. Nowadays, whoever has the money is the one who rules. But, at a good price, many operations are being achieved”, explained Toselli.

The specialist also highlighted that prices fell by a total of 35% and they would have found their apartment. For this reason, he pointed out that buying today “may be a good opportunity.” “Above all, there are many people who buy it for temporary rental. So, it leaves you a significant revenue. If you have money and want to keep the capital, you rent it temporarily, ”he remarked.

Although, in any case, he clarified that the electoral framework can influence: “The prospects are more positive than last year. But from May, when the campaign begins, let’s hope that people don’t get scared and the market stops again. It is something that usually happens in election years, although perhaps this year is the exception.

Source: Ambito

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