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Monday, March 27, 2023

Gas increases are made official: how much will the rate rise

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As of today, Enargas ordered a 28% increase in the price of gas at the Point of Entry to the Transportation System (PIST), with a variable impact on the final fee of 15% averagedue both to the segmentation by economic capacity of the users and to the different incidence in each of the distributors and sub-areas.

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The measure was ordered through ten resolutions (one for each distributor) published today in the Official Gazette and the price adjustment “does not include distribution or transportation components,” official sources explained to Télam.

Increases according to segmentation

Taking into account the three levels of segmentation and the number of subzones into which the coverage areas of the distributors are divided (21 with network access to natural gas), the application of the new gas price in PIST will result in 63 different rates. .

Anyway, it is estimated that the impact on the final rate will be approximately 15%distributed in 21% for segmentation level 1 (the one with the highest purchasing power), 19% for level 3 (average income, depending on whether or not the corresponding consumption ceiling is exceeded), while there will be no increase for level 2 (low income).

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Resolution 97/2023 approved the tariff charts for Metrogas, 98/2023 for Camuzzi Gas Pampeana, 99/2023 for Camuzzi Gas del Sur, 100/2023 for Gas Nea and 101/2023 for Litoral Gas.

Likewise, resolution 102/2023 governs Gasnor, 103/2023 for Gas del Centro, 104/2023 for Distribuidora de Gas Cuyana, 105/2023 for Naturgy Ban and 106/2023 for Redenga.

Source: Ambito

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