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They transfer $25 million for gas companies in cylinders

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He Home Program was created by decree 470/2015, and its financing was established through the trust fund to meet LPG needs of sectors of low resources and for the expansion of natural gas networks.

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The benefit consists of a monthly amount of $602 set by the Ministry of Energy, which covers part of the price of the 10 kilo bottlewhich is deposited through the National Social Security Administration (Anses), which varies according to the size of the family group, location of the house and season of the year, since an additional fee can be added in the winter months in various provinces .

Today’s resolution is linked to a outlay corresponding to September past.

April 19, 2022Energy had extended until the end of the year the “transitory economic assistance” which is granted to companies in the gas bottle chain, through resolution 271/2022.

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This assistance, directed at companies registered in the National Registry of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Industry and arranged in August of last year, has as its objective solve the maximum prices of reference of the Program that do not have modifications from July 2022, and the “variation experienced in the values ​​and associated costs in the LPG commercialization chain”.

Likewise, when the destination is other than the sale to distributors of containers of up to 45 kilos, it will become a percentage instead of a fixed sum; whereby temporary economic assistance will continue to be the equivalent of 20% of the billing for the sale of LPG (net of taxes) that companies bill monthly.

Regarding the contribution, when the destination was other than the sale to distributors in containers ofand up to 45 kilosthe modification establishes that “fractionation companies may request recognition of 20% of the current maximum reference price of sale of fractionators to distributors for each invoiced ton.”

The last modification of the values ​​was established in resolution 62/2023 of last month, which set the maximum reference price for producers, both for butane and propane, at $32,429 with an increase of 21.28% compared to the last value. from January.

What are the prices per carafe?

For one 10 kilogram bottlethe prices reference maximums, before VAT and Gross Income, without apartments or home sales service, they are $606 for the fractionator, $1,064 for the distributor and $1,118 to the public.

In the case of the bottle of 12 kilos, the prices are de $728, $1,277 and $1,341, while for that of 15 kilos are from $910, $1,597 and $1,677respectively.

Source: Ambito

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