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Swiss chocolate: Toblerone is no longer allowed to show the Matterhorn on the packaging

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Toblerone is one of the world’s most famous chocolate products. Clear identification marks: triangular chocolate, Matterhorn on the packaging and a reference to production in Switzerland. Two of these features must now be deleted.

On the chocolate shelf, Toblerone stands out: while other chocolate products are usually flat and rectangular, the Mondelez brand packs its chocolate in a triangular box. In addition, Mondelez relies heavily on the image of Switzerland – after all, it is world-famous for its high-quality chocolate. Accordingly, the Matterhorn is emblazoned on the packaging, and under the bold lettering “Toblerone” there is also a small “of Switzerland”.

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The brand will soon have to do without both, because behind the scenes of the chocolate giant there is a lot going on. So far, the chocolate for the whole world has been produced exclusively in a factory in Bern. The workers there are demanding six percent more wages. However, another factor is responsible for the upheaval in packaging design: Mondelez would like to relocate part of the Toblerone production from Bern to Bratislava in Slovakia.

Clearly recognizable: the mountain on the Toblerone pack is the Matterhorn.  A bear is also hidden in the logo.

Toblerone soon with a different mountain design

However, the lower wages in Slovakia also have their price: there are strict conditions for the use of typical Swiss symbols. A separate “Swissness Ordinance” meticulously regulates who may use which national symbols and the Swiss cross. This also applies to Mondelez – and due to the production in Slovakia, the company has lost this status.

From the middle of the year, the famous Toblerone bars will have to do without the Matterhorn, but according to the company, another mountain should adorn the packaging instead. The Bernese bear hidden in the mountain should continue to be used. Toblerone has also come up with a solution for the lettering: Instead of “of Switzerland” it should say “established in Switzerland”.


Source: Stern

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