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Registered employment reached 13.07 million people

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The level of employment reached in November 2022 is 4.4% above the value of February 2020 (262.9 thousand more people); and salaried employment was located just 0.1% below the historical maximum reached in December 2017, added the labor portfolio.

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The group of people with registered salaried employment presented an increase of 0.2% in the last month (16 thousand more workers) was promoted by the companies of the private sector, where the number of workers grew 0.2% (14.4 thousand more workers); while employment in private homes presented a rise of 0.1% (0.7 thousand people) and public employment remained stable.

In the year-on-year comparison, the total workers with salaried employment expanded 3.2% (+313.4 thousand workers), mainly due to the private sector (+4.4%, 263.5 thousand people), followed by the growth of public sector (+1.5%, 51 thousand more jobs), while work in private homes fell 0.2% in relation to the same month of the previous year (1.1 thousand fewer workers).

The monthly growth of registered salaried employment was verified in nine of the 14 sectors analyzed; while in three sectors it remained stable, and in two sectors a setback was observed.

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Self-employment grew 0.4% (11.7 thousand workers) in relation to the previous month as a result of the increase in the number of workers and workers who adhered to the social monotributo (+11%, 60.8 thousand workers), higher than the drop observed in the number of workers included in the monotribute (-2.6%, 50.8 thousand fewer people).

He Self-employment as a whole expanded 11.3% (+294.5 thousand workers) in the year-on-year comparison driven by the single-tax categories (+39.7% social single-tax and +6.6% single-tax), while the number of contributors to the self-employed regime grew only 1.6% .

According to data from the Ministry of Labor, at the end of last December there were 2.89 million people with that type of job.

For its part, work in the autonomous regime grew 0.4% (1.7 thousand more people).


With regard to the purchasing power of wages for private registered employment, in the month of December 2022 growth is observed considering the interannual variation of the median and average of real wages (4% and 1%, respectively). Although this month the improvement is due, fundamentally, to the implementation of the non-remunerative allowance.

Source: Ambito

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