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Commercial loans increased and card use abroad fell

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Is about the only line that experienced a real increase in the last period, which indicates a significant effort on the part of the private sector to prevent debts from growing, according to the survey.

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Regarding loans in pesos to the private sector, at the end of February a level of $7,584,568 million was reachedan increase of just over $3 million in the last 365 days (+73.6% year-on-year).

Monthlythe growth of this type of loans was $314,544 million (+4.3%).

For his part, the line of personal loans increased 5% per monthkeeping a series of nominal growth that has already been running for 31 months: the balance rose to Ch$1,177,180 million for the accumulated total (+62.4% year-on-year), against Ch$725,017 million at the end of the same month of the previous year.

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Regarding credit card operations, they reached $2,322,124 million, $33,158 million above January (+1.4%), and year-on-year growth was 82.6%, which translates into a “really significant drop in the balances of the financing of this item,” he explained William Barber, FCG partner.

Meanwhile, the lines of mortgage creditsincluding inflation-adjusted/UVA, during February climbed 0.9% compared to the stock of $381,235 million from the previous month, accumulating a total balance at closing of $384,793 million and an interannual increase of 28.9% in nominal terms.

The pledge credits They present a balance at the end of February of $493,457 million, 89.1% more compared to the portfolio at the end of the same month of 2022 of $260,959 million.

by the side of dollar loans, the total amount presented a positive inter-monthly variation of 0.8% for the second consecutive month, although a negative inter-annual variation of 5.1%.

The study specifies that the stock of loans in dollars is 3,667 million; and that 67.3% of the total debt in foreign currency continues to be the commercial line, which fell 2.4% in the year and rose 3.2% compared to the previous month.

Lastly, the credit cards registered an interannual increase of 17.2%although with an irregular monthly behavior.

In this regard, the report explains that although in January there was an increase of 12.3% compared to the previous month, explained by purchases of trips abroad, “the application of differential exchange rates for the use of the card in foreign currency limits its use and today it is at values ​​well below the usual in times of pre-pandemic”.

Source: Ambito

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