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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

BIND inaugurated its new Headquarters

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The new branch has dynamic signage, personalized attention spaces, individual attention boxes, writing rooms, state-of-the-art ATMs and safe deposit boxes. Also, for the first time in Argentina, the recycling ATM, from the American firm NCR, is presented, in which up to $300,000 can be withdrawn on the spot. Salituri highlighted that “it allows you to withdraw a greater amount than the traditional ones and recycles the money, that is, what you deposit is used to pay, so it has a lower cost of recharging, less movement of money and for the entire SME segment it is more useful than traditional ATMs”.

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“In recent months we have been changing the image of the rest of the branches, with a strong investment in digital tools for us and the client. In this way, we are on the way to having a uniformity in the image. We are leaders in the field of APIs and we also have an ecosystem of services with a digital and management mindset. Said ecosystem allows us to solve many issues within the company, beyond the financial, and that is what we are going to try to exploit with this new Headquarters”, said Salituri.


Regarding future objectives, the executive stressed that they will seek that in the coming months “the bank manages to expand the SME and corporate clientele.” And he expanded: “Currently 12 of the 35 branches work with business banking, as well as individual clients and pension banking. In 2023, one of our strongest projects is to expand everything that is business banking, SMEs and businesses in the rest of the branches”.

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Source: Ambito

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