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shortages are detected in the cuts of meat included in the program

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The Secretary of Commerce also advanced in a series of observations to the supermarkets that incurred in this fault.

Mariano Fuchila

Missing cuts of meat included in the program and poor signage are the main breaches that were observed during a series of inspections that were carried out in supermarkets of the BOTH.

In recent days, a series of operations were carried out in Avellaneda, Morón, Malvinas Argentinas, Lomas de Zamora, Florencio Varela, San Isidro and the Buenos aires city.

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Fair Prices

Fair prices.

Mariano Fuchila

The report made by the inspectors of the Commerce secretary determined a deficient supply of the seven cuts of meat included in “Fair Prices” and progress was made in a series of observations to the supermarkets who incurred in this lack.

On the offer in the gondolas, the Quality of the products brought to the attention of the consumer.

“We also went to see especially the cold rooms of the supermarkets because they accuse each other with the refrigerators for the missing“, indicated sources from the agency in charge of Matias Tombolini.

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The other aspect that forced calls for attention to supermarkets is the inadequate signage in the showrooms. “They hide the posters so that people do not find the Fair Prices products”the inspectors pointed out by way of complaint.

From Trade will intensify control tasks to dampen the price rise. The Buenos aires city reported on Monday that inflation in the district was 6%with an increase of 7.7% in food.

Source: Ambito

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