Tourism: Despite inflation: Germans’ desire to travel is increasing again

Tourism: Despite inflation: Germans’ desire to travel is increasing again

A lot has been getting more expensive for months, be it food or energy. But that doesn’t mean that the Germans are going without their holidays. In contrast: Many are already booking their summer trips.

The travel group Tui started the current year in Germany with speed. “The start of bookings at the start of the year is stronger than it has been for a long time, the number of new bookings is well above the previous year’s values ​​and in some cases above 2019,” reports Tui Germany boss Stefan Baumert today at the International Tourism Exchange (ITB) in Berlin.

For the first time since the corona pandemic, January was the top booking month with the highest number of entries. “80 percent of new bookings go in the summer.”

Baumert referred to a Yougov survey commissioned by Tui. According to this, 64 percent of the more than 2000 respondents have already traveled this year, have already booked or are planning one or more trips. For a third of those who want to travel, the current economic situation with increased inflation has no influence on their planning.

Some of those surveyed are considering taking their vacation in the off-season within the planned budget (23 percent) or choosing a cheaper vacation destination (17 percent). Shortening the stay is an option for 11 percent, while 8 percent are considering choosing a lower hotel category. Other surveys recently came to the conclusion that many people in Germany are in the mood to travel, despite some economic worries.

All-inclusive trips are becoming popular again

According to Baumert, the trend towards booking higher quality accommodation in travel agencies and online is continuing. At the same time, many vacationers want to have control over their budget and therefore book all-inclusive. Baumert reports that more than every second guest is currently opting for it. “For destinations like Turkey or Egypt, where many hotels traditionally offer all-inclusive, the proportion is even 80 to 90 percent.”

Destinations around the Mediterranean are currently in demand this summer. These caught up more and more and “the chances are good that the figures for 2019 will be reached and in some cases even exceeded,” said Baumert.

Source: Stern

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