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We are directed to achieve the differential dollar for the regional economies of Misiones

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This was stated by the missionary governor when asked about the announcement by Minister Sergio Massa in Mendoza


On Saturday morning, the Minister of Economy of the Nation, Sergio Massa announced that there will be a differential dollar for regional economies as of April 1. Although he did not specify the value at which exports can be liquidated, he clarified that the measure it will come into force next month for viticulture and then they will go incorporating other productive sectors. “Last year, in the decision to recover markets and consolidate reserves, we tried to launch an export strengthening program (dollar soybeans) for a sector. As of April 1, we will implement it in all regional economies.s, starting with viticulture, so that they can recover markets and have the opportunity to recover from the loss caused by hail and frost”, Massa pointed out.

This announcement is very important for Misiones, which continues to negotiate on the one hand a short-term measure such as the differential dollar for timber exports, yerba mate, tea and tobacco: as a background measure such as the special customs area.

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The missionary Governorin dialogue with the media, after the inauguration of the school building of the Special School No. 4 of Posadas, responded to the consultation of Economists, that “after the presentation of the minister (in Mendoza), I was able to talk to him, on Saturday afternoon and again on Sunday. He told me that we are on the right track to be able to advance with the regional economies of the province, wood, tea, tobacco and yerba mate”.

“Hopefully we can announce it shortly, already with a more specific issue for the province of Misiones. Citrus growers and other regional economies should be negotiating the same.” she said. Wood had asked for a dollar above 250 pesos, but tea considers that with the rise in costs, it should not be less than 300 pesos. In the herbal sector they considered that a value of 280 would be “very good”. “Between 260 and 280, for all”, indicated from the Economic Confederation of Missions.

Before the consultation on Co-participation, Herrera Ahuad explained that it is an “issue that must be worked on until the Law, but it is very difficult for all the Governors to agree and some have to give something up. But that is what the compensations are for and there is the Special Customs Zoneis one of the compensations that its correlate with a co-participation like the one that the province of Misiones has”.

Source: Ambito

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