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Exploding rents & expensive loans: Desperate search for housing

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Exploding rents, rising construction costs, plus higher living costs due to inflation: many people are desperate when looking for affordable housing. The star spoke to those affected.

Julius Schnoor, Berlin

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Julius Schnoor, 43, has a blended family. He lives with her in two rooms in Berlin. When everyone is at home, they are six people. “But that doesn’t happen that often,” he says. His daughter, 12, and his son, 8, are there every other week. The daughter has her own room, the son has his bunk bed in the second room. There is also Julius’ bed and his desk, where he works in his home office, he is a health educator and teaches from home. When Julius’ girlfriend and her daughter, 6, also stay there, a foldable mattress is placed in front of the bed. Otherwise it is used as a seat. “Most things have to have more than one function,” he says.

Source: Stern

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