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Housing madness: Families are desperately looking for affordable housing

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In Germany, the market for new buildings is collapsing, interest rates on loans are exploding and the housing shortage is getting worse. But politicians look on in a strangely relaxed manner. About the everyday living madness in Germany.

The living conditions in Germany are going crazy. Especially in big cities there is simply not enough living space, especially not enough affordable living space. Improvement? Not in sight. On the contrary: Lange has settled on the German construction and The real estate market is no longer as dramatic as it is at the moment. It’s the worst crash in about 30 years. Thousands of builders who actually wanted to move into their new homes soon have backed down; private investors and even large housing groups are getting cold feet: the costs have become unpredictable, the interest rates for standard financing have almost quadrupled.

Source: Stern

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