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Grupo Iraola presented the first FOTON 100% electric truck in Argentina

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Through its automotive division CVN Motors, the Iraola Group presented this week at Expoagro 2023 two new trucks of the brand PHOTON with the objective of “continuing to complete its line to offer models with greater capacity and advanced technologyAmong the launches, a 100% electric vehicle stands out, a fact that the company described as a “milestone” for local transport.

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The novelties announced at the traditional agribusiness event, which takes place in San Nicolás de los Arroyos between March 7 and 10, are the eAumark, a 100% electric truck designed to transport cargo, for urban, interurban and last-mile use; and the Auman EST-M 245, the first FOTON medium truck in Argentina, which was developed for long-distance services.

In this regard, the director of CVN Motors, martin torilosaid to Ambit: “Being able to bring these trucks to Argentina is a total pride. Today we present the 100% electric truck. It is approved, it is for sale, we have units available, so there are deals that are already going to be done. They will see it at the street”.

“We also launched the medium-sized truck, with 245 horsepower. We are already entering the medium-sized segment, a different fight. We will start like in 2018, when we slowly entered the light-duty segment, with medium-sized work. We will continue in that same path,” he added.

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Despite the “complicated context” that the country is going through, Torilo highlighted the current status of the brand: “National production has been very well received by customers. That is a competitive advantage for sure. The strengthening that we have done in the dealer network, the work that we are doing in after-sales, the alliance that we made in commercials with Santander for sales: all this is a combo that makes the brand drive and sell more”.

Referring to his expectations for 2023, the executive said that 72 FOTON units were patented in February. “That puts us as number one of the Chinese brands and shows the growth of all this that we are launching. From the national manufacture of two models that we consolidated last year. We finished in 2022 with almost 700 units. If you look at the kicking of this year, we are going to exceed 1,000 chests of drawers by the end of the year”, he remarks.

Regarding the commitment to sustainability represented by the eAumark, Torilo assured that “it is a technology that is 100% proven in the world.” “We are innovating, but launching something that has already been tested in different countries. It is a reality in China. Today, in terms of buses, there are more than 400,000 electric buses in that country. A very large part of its truck production is occupied by electric buses “.

“There is a real demand for what is the last mile. We see that electromobility starts there. There are companies that take it very seriously, and that already have clear objectives for the coming years to incorporate electric fleets,” he said in reference to the concern of customers and companies for the care of the environment.

Finally, the director of CVN Motors anticipated that the new trucks will be produced in Argentina in the future and highlighted the return of those attending Expoagro 2023: “We are very happy to present the entire line up, to make the electric truck a reality, to present the medium. The acceptance of the people, their comments. Being able to grow more and more with national products is really a success”.


Iraola 3.jpg

The eAumark is FOTON’s first 100% electric truck. It is designed for cargo transportation and is “ideal for intercity, urban and last mile delivery.”

“This model provides an intelligent and sustainable logistics solution, since it is part of the brand’s commitment to clean energy, aimed at companies that seek to reduce their polluting emissions and thus reduce their carbon footprint,” the brand highlighted.

It has a PBT (Gross Vehicle Weight) of 6 tons, a tare weight of 2.5 tons and a capacity of 3 passengers and is presented as a perfect option for most urban distribution applications.

Disc brakes with ABS, EBD, ESP; driver alert system in situations where there is a risk of collision with other vehicles in front (FCW); Involuntary Lane Departure (SDW) alert; Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) and Vehicle Approach Sound System for Pedestrians (VSP) are some of the features of this model.

Iraola 2.jpg

FOTON’s second novelty in the country is the Auman EST-M 245. It is a medium truck -the brand’s first- and has a total gross weight of 17 tons. It was designed for interurban applications, support in construction or agriculture applications, among others.

It has an efficient Cummins ISD engine with 6 cylinders in line, 6.7 liter displacement, 245 horsepower and a torque of 950 Nm. The gearbox is manual with 8 forward gears and its wheelbase is 4.8 meters.

The EST-M 245 stands out for its low tare weight, build quality and driving comfort.

Source: Ambito

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