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Traffic turnaround: One million battery cars funded by the federal government

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The funding guidelines for fully electric cars have changed since the beginning of this year. The premiums will continue to fall in the coming year.

In the course of the traffic turnaround, the federal government has now funded one million battery-electric cars. The corresponding application for the one millionth electric car was approved at the beginning of March, as reported by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control in Eschborn near Frankfurt. Since the beginning of 2016, 1.76 million vehicles have been subsidized with a total of 8.43 billion euros.

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In second place in the funding statistics are a good 753,500 cars with plug-in hybrid drives, which have not been funded since this year. On the other hand, 316 cars with fuel cells were hardly significant.

From 2023, buyers of fully electric cars can receive a maximum of 4,500 euros from the state instead of 6,000 euros if their car is on the sales list for less than 40,000 euros net. For more expensive vehicles up to a net list price of up to 65,000 euros, there is still 3000 euros instead of the previous 5000 euros. In 2024, the subsidy premiums will continue to fall.

Source: Stern

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