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Why finances are very much a woman’s business

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Former stock trader Larissa Kravitz wants to reach as many women as possible and convince them to invest in the financial market – even with small capital.
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Her mission is to empower women and families financially through education: Larissa Kravitz, creator of the “Investorella” podcast and wealth advisor. Kravitz, who was born in Wiener Neustadt, bought her first shares at the age of 14. “Both my parents worked in banks. When I was six or seven, I had questions about what was going on at their workplaces, but they both said, ‘I can’t tell you that, it’s bank secrecy!’ Ever since then, I’ve been determined to protect bank secrecy air,” says the 38-year-old. She studied banking and finance in Vienna and quantitative trading and financial engineering in Monaco and worked as a stock trader.

At the age of 25, Larissa Kravitz built up the treasury management for a solar energy company, at 32 she was a member of the supervisory board at Immofinanz. In the summer of 2019, Kravitz became self-employed under the label “Investorella”. Her goal: Strengthening the financial autonomy of women through education! She does this, among other things, as a book author, in her podcast and through (online) workshops.

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Financial independence

In Austria, women earn around 20 percent less than men, receive around 40 percent lower pensions and are more often affected by poverty in old age. At the same time, they are the biggest speculators, according to Larissa Kravitz, because they often make their retirement provision dependent on their partner.

“I don’t have anything to invest!”

“ETFs, REITs, share portfolio – what’s that supposed to be?”, “The financial market is so complicated!”, “I don’t have anything to invest!” Unfortunately, many women still shy away from managing their finances confidently and investing their money sustainably. The myth of the financial market as a male domain persists too much.

Stop it, says Larissa Kravitz. In her book “Money, honey!” the ex-supervisory board member shows with know-how and wit that the financial market is easy to understand. Logically and simply structured, Kravitz introduces the basics of investment: online portfolios, bonds, ETFs, shares, dividends and REITs will soon be familiar terms for readers. No matter whether you have a small or large budget – with “Money, honey!” every woman should find the form of investment that suits her.

According to the author, anyone who can set aside 30 euros a month can invest in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the long term. “Financial mathematics is the same for all genders. The difference in investment behavior is probably mainly due to different realities of life, such as salary levels or time off work due to childcare.”

In order to fight against institutionalized inequality, it is important to understand the system. Therefore, Kravitz explains the function of the pension system in her book and refers to current problems. “If you understand how something works, you can make constructive suggestions for improvement and take precautions,” says Larissa Kravitz. “Not only does this apply to the pension system, but also to the area of ​​activist investing, which I hope to inspire some women to do!”

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