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Which are the countries with the highest adoption of digital assets?

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Argentina abandoned this year the podium of countries in use cryptocurrenciesaccording to data from the betting company crypto betting.

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In 2022Chainalysis, a company specializing in blockchains, located Argentina in the post 13 of adoption of cryptocurrencies in your index Global Cryptocurrency Adoption. Thus, our country abandoned the top 10 in which it was located 2021.

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in the middle of a cryptocurrency crisiswhich made them fall resoundingly, crypttobetting confirmed that Argentina does not rank among most adopted countries. According to the company, a large part of the users turn to the Bitcoin. And on the other hand, just two South American countries appear in the top 10 users.

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Courtesy: Global Investor

Cryptocurrencies: ranking of countries that use digital assets

Several Asian countries stand out among the countries with the highest adoption. I know the list:

Vietnam. 26% of the population invested at some point in cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin being the predominant option. This is largely due to the growing economy and ease of access, as well as the fact that Vietnam has become an attractive market for companies that manage these assets.

USA. 13.22% of the population of that country invests in cryptocurrencies, despite the crisis of companies in the sector and the advances in regulations. One of the main reasons why this country leads the ranking is the ease of access and the number of offers.


Philippines. 13% of the population have cryptocurrencies.

India. 11.5% of the population ever invested in cryptocurrencies. This is largely due to the country’s huge population and the growing adoption of digital assets, as well as the increased interest in alternative investments and the fact of the increase in the young population, particularly those who turn to technology.

Singapore. 11% of the population has cryptocurrencies, despite its small number of inhabitants. The Government of that country supports the development of technological finance and supports a non-restrictive position in the regulations of these assets.



Ukraine. In this country that is going through a strong war conflict, 10.30% of the population has cryptocurrencies.

Venezuela. 10.30% of the population has cryptocurrencies. Inflation in Venezuela has a tradition of being significantly high, in addition to having high levels of migration. Cryptocurrencies offer an option for currency manipulation by avoiding official controls, which could partly explain their high level of adoption.

South Africa. 10% of the population once had cryptocurrencies.

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thailand. 9.30% of the population has cryptocurrencies.

Brazil. In the case of the largest economy in the region, 8.30% of the population once had these digital assets.

Source: Ambito

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