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They will extend the registration period to the register of electricity and gas subsidies

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Until mid-April, those families that meet the conditions of access to a subsidized electricity and gas rate may be registered.

He Government Nacional decided to extend “until mid-April” the registration period for the Registry of Access to Energy Subsidies (RASE).

People who meet the conditions of access to a subsidized electricity and gas rate, and have not yet signed up, will be able to do so in the coming weeks, according to sources from the Ministry of Economy.

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The decision responds to the fact that they detected that there is an important portion of potential beneficiaries, “especially from the interior of the country”which have not yet signed up and hope they will before fully applying the rate segmentation announced last year.

“We have been delaying the segmentation because, in our opinion, there are people who should have the subsidy who did not register in the RASE. We want to force the registration, so that people are aware that they must do so. We are going to extend the registration until mid- April”, the sources pointed out.

The rationalization of spending on subsidies was one of the requirements made by the IMF to reach the goal of 1.9% of GDP for fiscal deficit in 2023.

Last week, the Ministry of Energy deepened the territorial operations to facilitate the registration of access to energy subsidies so that, fundamentally, retirees and other users with less Internet access can complete the process.

To complete the registration form, the user must have their electricity and gas bill and their DNI at hand as minimum requirements and enter the official website: www.argentina.gob.ar/subsidios.

The process takes just a few minutes and allows you to order the electricity and gas subsidies according to the socio-economic aspects of each household.

All Argentines who want to maintain the energy subsidies they receive in their homes today must register.

Source: Ambito

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