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Die Boss: Gaming streamer “Gnu” on sexism in gaming

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Jasmin “Gnu” was the first German gaming YouTuber to break the 1 million subscriber mark on YouTube. In the stern podcast “Die Boss” she talks about sexism in gaming, her social responsibility and the downside of her success.

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Jasmin is a successful Youtuber. She prefers not to read her last name on the Internet. The danger that others could find them and threaten them is too great. “For example, someone gets your address and sends you 50 pizzas or takes a picture of your doorknob and writes, ‘I know where you live’ and you get death threats,” she says in the stern podcast “Die Boss”.

Jasmin has been active on YouTube since 2015. Under her pseudonym “Gnu” she mainly produces clips in which she tests video games. The gamer is now followed by more than 1.3 million people. While she initially edited her videos alone, the 33-year-old now heads a team that working for them in the background.

With success comes responsibility

With success comes responsibility for Jasmin. Young people in particular follow her on the video platform, 60 percent are female. “You have the opportunity to pass on really great values ​​through your reach,” she says in an interview with “Die Boss” host Simone Menne. On her third channel “Jasmin Gnu” she also addresses more serious topics. She explains wrong body images and warns of misinformation on the Internet. Everything on an equal footing.

But success also has a downside. “On YouTube and Instagram, social media, you see the failure. You see it has so few clicks that it doesn’t work anymore. That’s also this public failure, which puts pressure on many,” reports Jasmin. As the YouTuber has learned How to deal with this pressure, what new jobs it creates and how artificial intelligence is affecting the gaming industry, you will learn in this episode of “Die Boss”.

At “The Boss – Power is Female” top women talk among themselves: hostess and multi-board member Simone Menne (including BMW, Deutsche Post DHL, Henkel) meets female bosses from all areas of society to talk to them about their lives and careers. “Die Boss” appears fortnightly on Wednesdays on and the des staras well as on RTL+ and all common podcast platforms.

Source: Stern

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