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Argentina claims Brazil for multiple trade obstacles

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Red is a concern with the main trading partner, which costs the country about US$3.5 billion per year. Scioli called for the elimination of non-tariff barriers that harm regional economies, medicines and the knowledge economy.

The ambassador in Brazil, Daniel Scioli, raised a claim to the Brazilian authorities for a series of obstacles to Argentine exports that harm trade. Among the most relevant points of the complaint are: non-tariff barriers, impossibility of registering products, arbitrary fines and application of special taxes for services. The initiatives of the agreement signed by Alberto Fernández and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva are advancing. The Government seeks to reverse a deficit that costs the country some US$3.5 billion each year.

Despite the political affinity between the leaders, in recent days local diplomacy marked a series of differences related to bilateral trade. The central argument goes through the growing Argentine deficit that from 2004 to 2022 exceeded US$52,000 million in the exchange of goods. To this is added that between 2015 and 2021 there was a red of US$6,000 million in services.

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With this scenario, Scioli asked the authorities of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Commerce of Brazil to remove the obstacles that complicate local shipments. Diplomatic sources confirmed to Ámbito that emphasis was placed on “the non-tariff barriers that affect the wine chain and that impact the export of grape must in bulk for non-wine uses, the difficulties of customs procedures for the entry of wine samples, the impossibility of registering agrochemicals and the application of taxes on exports of services and digital products”.

Other points pointed out were the requirements to describe the chemical composition of cosmetic products in Portuguese, the difficulties for the registration of medicines that take more than two years once they enter the system, the non-recognition of trials carried out in the country and the application by the Brazilian authorities of million-dollar fines for formal errors in the certificates of origin of Argentine exports.

In any case, in the Foreign Ministry they highlight the willingness of the neighboring country to dialogue. In addition, they highlight the progress of relevant initiatives such as the approval by the Brazilian authority for the planting, importation and commercialization of HB4 wheat resistant to drought developed by the Bioceres company, the provision of electricity and the upcoming inauguration of the improvement in the Paso de los Libres Bridge that will give more fluidity to the binational commercial infrastructure.

Finally, the Argentine delegation required “maximum speed to complete the negotiations on two points that are central to reversing the bilateral trade imbalance, such as the consecration of the financing scheme for the Brazilian suppliers of the Néstor Kirchner Gas Pipeline and the financing instruments that allow facilitate the foreign trade of both countries”.

Source: Ambito

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