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AFIP donated merchandise valued at $32 million

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Is about commodity what had been seized during operations carried out by officials of the San Juan Regional Officewhen detecting that it did not have the supporting documentation that proves your origin and tenure.

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The delivery of the donation was made within the framework of the policies that the organization has been carrying out for the purpose of improvement of the quality of life of citizens and the fulfillment of State social policies.


AFIP donation to San Juan

As reported, the voluntary surrender is made up of 8,000 dozens of socks for men, women, children and babies; and 5,500 garments between T-shirts, briefs, t-shirts and women’s underwear.

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security operatives

The AFIP unwary 420 tons of grains in a series of route controls in various parts of the country, after detecting that the merchandise had a dubious origin in 14 trucks where they were transported.

In the Argentine northeast region, inspectors carried out operations in Pass of the Free and Villa Olivari (currents), General Mansilla (Formosa) and on the bridge General Belgrano (Chaco).


were performed validity tasks of origin of the transported grains and documentary comparison which revealed that both senders and recipients of grains lacked operational, economic and financial capacity to produce or sell them.

“As a result of the procedure, 220 tons of soy28 tons of corn30 tons of safflower and 12 tons of oatmealequivalent to the charge of 10 truckswith a market value of around $23.23 millionaccording to the price of the Bag of Rosario Cereals“, the agency reported.

Source: Ambito

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