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After 9.8% in food and beverages, is March coming at a lower rate?

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A consultant carried out various surveys of the number of products with weekly increases, among others. And these were the results.


After the “terrible” data from February inflationas described by the presidential spokesperson, and especially that of food and non-alcoholic beverages upon reaching the 9.8%the cost of groceries in the last three weeks is coming slowing down and it would be around 5.7% monthly.

According to the LCG consultancy, in the last four weeks, which includes the last two of February and the first two of March, the index continues to be driven mainly by three items: meats; the products of bread, cereals and pasta; and the products dairy and eggs.

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In fact, they are the only three categories that are above the average for 5.7% monthly by averaging increases of 8.9% the meats, 8.2% the baked goods and 7% dairy and eggs. The rest of the headings, already for below average monthly. And, so far this month, the rise in food and drinks cumulative is 23%.

For what was particularly the second week of the current month, the rise in food prices averaged 0.87%decelerating 0.52 compared to the previous week. The largest increase was registered in fruit with a variation of 4.68%.

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Then they appear dairy products (2.28%), bakeries, cereals and pasta (1.12%), oils (0.82%). Regarding meats (0.44%), it stands out that it increased less than the average for the second consecutive week. However, it is still the greater relative weight at the rise of the month.

Additionally, the report indicates that if the impact of the meat within the index, the rest of the foods would already be around 4%.



Regarding the survey of the number of products with weekly increases, it was 13%11 points below the last four weeks, consistent with the price slowdown.

Source: Ambito

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