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What to do if I have small sided bills?

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In the parallel exchange market, the dollars in the “caves” come and go. Also in banks. And not all are equal, some are worth more than others.

In it parallel foreign exchange marketthe Dollars in the “caves” they come and go And also in the banks. But not all are equal, and although there are no real reasons to support it, some are worth more than others.

In the exchange market, there has been a difference for years between different issuances of the dollar. It’s about the “small face” dollars and the “big face”. For the first ones you get to pay up to 4% less and many savers they don’t want them. In the “caves” They say that small faces are also easier to falsify and that is why they resist taking them.

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The calls dollar “small face” are the ones that were printed in the USA until the year nineteen ninety six. on the ticket $100 this Benjamin Franklin within an oval frame and which, in terms of dimensions, is smaller compared to the later printed versions.

However, the Federal Reserve ratified on several occasions that the bills are just as validof legal tender and they must be accepted. However, in the city ​​porteña the idea persists that it is necessary to replace them.


How to change small face dollars?

There are three options to change the girl face bills for those of big face or not lose worth with the first, what would happen in the case of going to the porteño caves.

One is deposit them in the bank and extract them the next day. While there is no guarantee that this will happen, it is likely that the bank will provide newer versions of banknotes.

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Photo: Ignacio Petunchi.

The second option to deposit them in a account in dollars and use them for any transaction that will use those funds. And finally, the third is, in case of travel abroaduse them there since in other places the design of the ticket does not present problems.

Source: Ambito

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